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About the Author
I was born in 1959 in the small Northern New Brunswick town of Bathurst, the youngest of five children.  I started writing stories before I knew the alphabet, scribbling on pieces of paper and then sharing my 'stories' with whomever would listen.  By age 16, I'd written one full-length novel and written and produced two full-length plays. But then I was diverted into a career in medicine and medical research for the next 3 decades, which earned me two doctoral degrees, brought me to San Francisco during the height of the AIDS epidemic, and then led me to almost 15 years treating and researching chronic pain. Finally, at age 45, years of personal addiction caught up with me and I ended up standing on the top floor of    a 6-storey parking building at 3 o'clock in the morning wanting to jump. The only reason I hesitated was that I was afraid of heights. I had to make a decision:  jump... or reinvent myself.

I returned to my childhood love of writing, and have since written 16 books (5 currently published). Their common theme is TRUTH. Whether it's a non-fiction book about fibromyalgia or addiction, or a fantasy novel, or a children's picture book...     I write about truth and life experiences. I've had a lot of them.

Another common theme through my books is my extensive medical background, and what that has taught me... NOT about medicine, but about PEOPLE. 

Besides my non-fiction books about fibromyalgia and addiction, among my novels are:
  • a story about catastrophic bullying and abuse (Inside a Hollow Tree)
  • a story about a severely autistic child (Puck)
  • a story about a boy with Down's syndrome (The Boy with the Horn - a children's picture book, pending illustration)
  • many more, in progress
With mega best-selling 
Chicken Soup for the Soul author 
David Canfield in Philadelphia
       At a book signing in Toronto 
with best-selling author Mark Zelinski
At a book-signing with two fans near Detroit
Help for other 'budding' authors
With book-marketing guru Steve Harrison, the marketing brains behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Women Are from Venus, Men Are from Mars, among others.
One thing I have definitely found out, through my journeys as an author, is that an author's work is nowhere near finished when their book comes out in print.  In fact, 
the real work has only just begun.  This is true whether you are self-published or published by Random House or any other huge publisher.  The truth is that, to be successful, authors MUST become book marketers, and good at it.  Even David Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series that has about 500 million copies in print, started by doing at least one media interview every day for over a year... and he STILL markets his books. 

For the last year, I have been working with media/marketing gurus Steve & Bill Harrison, the marketing brains behind the Chicken Soup series, and other insanely successful books. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars attending
book marketing and media seminars in New York City and Philadelphia.  

Contact me (1-866-711-3511) to let me teach YOU what I've learned.
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Donations to Charity
A sizable percentage of profits from the sales of all my books are being donated to a range of charities, that include the Kids Help Phone, Autism Foundation Canada, and Mission Services.