Kevin P. White, MD, PhD 
Award-Winning Author & Speaker
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For the Media
Media Experience

Working with publicity coach Steve Harrison, the publicity guru behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Women Are from Venus, Men Are from Mars, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad, among others, Dr. White has had extensive experience in radio and TV, including:

  • A-Channel TV News - London & Windsor
  • CTV2 - London & Windsor
  • CHCH TV News - Hamilton & Niagara
  • 830 WCCO CBS News - Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • 98 The Beach with Joe Carter, 97.9 FM
  • WRCT Pittsburgh, 88.3 FM, Total Education Network 
  • Short Order Radio Show with Sue Vogan, BlogTalkRadio
  • Everyday Wisdom for Families with Kellie Ann Peterson, AM730 BlogTalkRadio
  • The Lynn Martin Show, AM800 CKLW Radio, Windsor/Detroit
  • The Wellness Author's Show, with Don McCauley
  • The Talk Show on CKNX-AM920 radio with host Bryan Allen
  • David Essel Alive! on XM Channel 168
  • Wellness for the Real World with host Dr. Veronica Anderson, New York
  • Car Concerns Radio USA - "Driving with Fibromyalgia" - with host Harry Douglas 
Suggested Topics

  • The non-fatal disease that kills
  • The old woman's disease that starts in childhood
  • The invisible disease we now have the technology to see
  • The orphan disease that no doctor wants (to treat)
  • Current controverses and crises
  • Fibromyalgia and Obama-Care vs. Romney-Care

Alternative medicine
  • Reality & myth

  • My personal fall and recovery
  • The secret to success of 12-step programs
  • What really happens in AA and NA
  • Sex addiction - real or imagined?

Bullying & Abuse
  • Personal experiences and how they shaped me

Autism & Down's syndrome
  • What inspired me to write novels about them

  • From A to Z:  How to become a successful self-published author​


  • With both an MD & PhD in medical research, Dr. Kevin White is considered a world expert in fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition that affects ~6 to 8 million Americans and is associated with a thousand myths.

  • He is a multiple award winning author with six self-published books that include non-fiction titles about fibromyalgia and addiction, and four novels. Three of his books have won international book awards.

  • He has a life-time of unique personal experiences that include severe bullying and abuse as a child, living roughly half his life in Canada and half in the U.S., personal battles with addiction, and being a medical resident in San Francisco during the height of the 1980s AIDS epidemic.

Dr. White with mega best-selling author David Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul